Full Stack Development – Mean Stack

What’s the course about

There are different aspects of a website which need to be catered to make it efficient and user-friendly. This is where Full Stack – MEAN stack developers come in handy as they work on both the front-end and back-end of an application or website. These developers are familiar with CSS, HTML, Javascript & Angular as well as more than one back-end languages. As the differences between back-end and front-end become more similar, the things that were only possible through back-end languages are becoming possible on the front-end. This is further pushing all developers to become ‘Full-stack’ developers. Several employers, especially agencies and companies that work for various kinds of websites, are fonder of full-stack developers as they know how to work on all the different parts of a site. This is what makes them the best option for such jobs irrespective of the fact if it’s technically back-end or front-end.

Course Objective

Full-stack engineer is a senior level role for anyone who is profound in the skills of a full stack developer. However, to become a full-stack engineer, the developer must also have knowledge and experience in project management. Project management essentially includes things like managing, maintaining, and configuring computer systems and networks. The main objective of this course is to give a comprehensive knowledge on Angular,Node.js,Express.js and MongoDB.

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    Global Competency Certification (GCC) which will add value in resume

    Certified Faculties

    All our trainer are Certified in their Products. B2E certified Industry experienced faculty. They ensure students are benefited with in depth practical training.


    LIVEWIRE is in association with 250+ corporates, who grab candidates from our centres when they match their job requirement. We offer all these opening to the students. They will be able to directly apply for the openings through our Student Portal.

    Corporate Style Training

    Individual focus

    Quality training from Experts

    Learn the required skill

    What Will I Learn?

    • RESTful API
    • Mail validation
    • Automation & Deployment
    • Crud Operations Using Http Service
    • Implement Single page application(SPA)
    • GitHub
    • Heroku
    • Projects on MEAN Stack


    Internationally Recognized Course Completion Certificate


    Deep Learning Module

    • Instructor-led training from an expert
    • Real Time Application training and hands-on practice
    • Instructor-led training from an expert
    • Real Time Application training and hands-on practice

    Job Opportunities

    According to a report published recently, there has been a 60% increase in the industry for full-stack developers in only this financial year. With the rate at which the demand has been increasing, application and software development is sure to be one of the top 5 emerging industries by the year 2020.
    • MEAN stack developer
    • Full stack developer
    • Software Developer
    • Web Developer


    Less than 1 year
    1-4 years
    5-9 years
    10-19 years
    20 years or more

    Source: Payscale

    Who Can Enroll?

    • Students with basic knowledge in programming language. Engineering and Arts & Science Graduates who wants to get into Full stack development field can take up this course.
    • Programmers
    • Developers
    • Technical Leads
    • Architects
    • Professionals

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