Machine Learning

What’s the course about

Machine Learning is a technique behind innovations such as facial recognition, self-driving cars, predictive results in search, Predictive text etc. It is playing a significant role in developing new algorithms which permits software application to predict/achieve accurate results without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning is implemented where programming or developing an efficient algorithm is problematic or not feasible. Machine Learning is revolutionizing the computing ecosystem.

Course Objective

The objective of this training program is to understand how machines can learn from its past experience which is considered as the core of AI. We focus on creating strong fundamental knowledge sets on building algorithms by mastering the principles of statistical analysis.

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    Global Competency Certification (GCC) which will add value in resume

    Certified Faculties

    All our trainer are Certified in their Products. B2E certified Industry experienced faculty. They ensure students are benefited with in depth practical training.

    Placement Opportunity

    LIVEWIRE is in association with 250+ corporates, who grab candidates from our centres when they match their job requirement. We offer all these opening to the students. They will be able to directly apply for the openings through our Student Portal.

    Corporate Style Training

    Individual focus

    Quality training from Experts

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    What Will I Learn?

    • Unsupervised Learning
      • Euclidean Distance
      • Hierarchical clustering
      • k-means clustering
      • Manhattan Distance
      • k-Medoids
      • DBSCAN
      • CLARA
      • PCA
    • Deep learning(Neural Networks)
      • ANN for Classification
      • ANN for Regression
      • RNN for higher complexity problems
      • RNN for time dependent problems
    • Data Analysis
      • Word cloud
      • Web Extraction
      • Survival Analysis
      • Dimension Reduction
      • Text mining and NLP


    Internationally Recognized Course Completion Certificate


    Deep Learning Module

    • Instructor-led training from an expert
    • Real Time Application training and hands-on practice
    • Instructor-led training from an expert
    • Real Time Application training and hands-on practice

    Job Opportunities

    • Machine Learning Engineer
    • Data Scientist- Machine Learning/NLP
    • Data Engineer- Machine Learning
    • Architect
    • Natural Language Processing Engineer-Machine Learning
    • Machine Learning Software Engineer
    • Data Scientist-Advanced Analytics
    • Data Analyst-Machine Learning
    • Machine Learning Specialist
    • Lead Data Scientist
    • Machine Learning Developer
    • Engineer-Machine Learning
    • Artificial Intelligence Expert
    • Consultant
    • Research Engineer
    • Software Engineer-Machine Learning
    • Manager-Machine Learning & Analysis
    • Research Scientist/Applied Research Scientist
    • Distributed Systems Engineer
    • Data Visualizer


    0-5 years
    5-10 years
    10-20 years
    20 years or more

    Source: Payscale

    Who Can Enroll?

    Graduates from Engineering, Computer science, Statistics, Economics, Management stream etc., who are looking at building their career in data science and Machine Learning. Programming Developers, Analytic Professionals, Information Architects, Business Analyst etc., will benefit from Machine Learning in harvesting deeper insights, especially from big data.

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